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gtest Online Sabong has been the hottest sports betting game in the Philippines. As the Sabong Industry finally making the transition to online, the legendary bloodsport has evolved once again, it reached more sabong enthusiasts that had trouble going to cockpit arenas before Online Sabong happened, and sabong enthusiasts are loving the new look of their favorite sports betting game.
testing jul 2022 Online Sabong has been the hottest sports betting game in the Philippines. As the Sabong Industry finally making the transition to online, the legendary bloodsport has evolved once again, it reached more sabong enthusiasts that had trouble going to cockpit arenas before Online Sabong happened, and sabong enthusiasts are loving the new look of their favorite sports betting game.
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Sabungero ‘di namigay ng balato, pinatay
Sabungero ‘di namigay ng balato, pinatay
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Devolved but undelivered (Latest Sabong News)

Devolved but undelivered
Author Cito Beltran
Date NOVEMBER 15 2023
Filipinos have started to realize that the Local Government Code that promoted the devolution of various programs from national to local government was one huge mistake, and nowhere is that huge mistake more evident than in the area of agriculture. Unlike health and education where LGUs have no choice but to deliver basic services to their voters and family members, not all LGUs are dependent on agriculture or have a need to deliver programs and services. Many provincial governments, cities and municipalities prefer urbanization and commercialization. While in areas where farms and farmers are still a major presence, many local officials are ignorant or disenchanted with agricultural development, or simply ignorant. They would rather buy and sell real estate than fertilize the soil. Yes, agricultural services have been devolved but they are undelivered! This being the case, why is there no auditing, reporting or evaluation of failed or undelivered services covered by the Local Government Code? Because of devolution, the Department of Agriculture (DA) was robbed of authority and operating funds to carry on delivering services that they have done for decades. This massive failure to deliver or indifference has contributed to increased poverty of farmers, not to mention lowered productivity of Philippine agriculture. In some LGUs, farms and farmers have even become victims of petty extortion and corruption by way of restrictive ordinance or permits for every little thing. So, where’s all the money going? Why is no one being held accountable for failing to deliver devolved services for education, health and especially agriculture? I respectfully suggest to DA Sec. Francisco Tiu Laurel to form a task force or professional research group either from UP Los Baños or ask Malacañang to study and investigate how extensive the damage has been due to devolved but undelivered services. Sec. Laurel can then sit down with DILG Sec. Benhur Abalos to discuss the matter. If LGUs are remiss in or incapable of delivering the mandate of devolved services, then it only follows that those LGUs should surrender the authority and responsibility as well as any funding for such services. I am certain that Sec. Laurel can count on the support of numerous organizations in agriculture such as the Federation of Free Farmers whose leader, a former agriculture secretary, has demanded a review of this failure and oversight. They might even have useful data. With sufficient evidence, the DA and sector representatives can submit a joint resolution for a partial revision of the Local Government Code, specifically in areas of undelivered agricultural services. I know that the late senator Nene Pimentel had all the best intentions and vision but unfortunately, people and politics change, and imperfect laws must do likewise. * * * News reports indicate that Sec. Laurel has made the first move of appointing his chief of staff; calling in the resignation of contractual/political appointees while numerous groups have called for a revamp of the entire department. In this connection, I make this shameless lobby for Sec. Laurel to make efforts to classify the multi-billion-peso game fowl industry as a legitimate sector under the DA. For the longest time, ignorant or opportunistic groups have persisted in placing the game fowl industry under the Games and Amusement Board. Before that, there was a Game Fowl Board, but both bodies focused only on the sabong or cockfighting part and branding it as another form of gambling. It has always been classified as a sport and national past time and never gambling. In the meantime, there was never any genuine or proper representation of game farm owners, cockpit operators, animal feed and health product manufacturers, as well as breeders and sellers of game fowl, equipment and breeding stocks. Collectively, all this amounts to billions of pesos in trade, not even counting the thousands that the industry employs. Former DA secretary Manny Piñol, who is an avid breeder, has also voiced the need to classify the game fowl industry as a legitimate sector of agriculture due to the huge financial, commercial and agricultural resources the sport and industry commands. But because of the DA’s failure or missed opportunity, the game fowl industry has been subjected to harassment, red tape, anti-business policies and outright corruption for the last three years, beginning from 2020. Instead of self-regulation or proper representation, business and commercial trade in various areas of sabong and game fowl production were undermined and became a milking cow of DA and non-DA officials. “Disease control” or avian flu cases were exaggerated and used as a means of imposing unrealistic and unreasonable requirements such as mandatory registration of game farms before any inter-island sale or export of game fowls could be done. The source had to be inspected and certified by the Bureau of Animal Industry before permits or clearances would be issued. But in order to comply with all the requirements, one would need a lawyer, a veterinarian, a DA vet to draw blood samples, SEC registration, business permit, BIR registration, etc. I remember how early this year, the biggest commercial trade show for game fowls and breeders was almost cancelled because DA-BAI officials threw in every obstacle or requirement up to the last minute. All of this killed thousands of backyard breeders who used to sell one to two dozen roosters or hens in a year to augment their income. If we have more poor Filipinos in the last three years, this is part of the reason; government took away their part-time income. Many sabungeros have more land, more assets and invest more time on their farms than some businessmen do. Please treat “us” with respect. * * * E-mail:

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