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gtest Online Sabong has been the hottest sports betting game in the Philippines. As the Sabong Industry finally making the transition to online, the legendary bloodsport has evolved once again, it reached more sabong enthusiasts that had trouble going to cockpit arenas before Online Sabong happened, and sabong enthusiasts are loving the new look of their favorite sports betting game.
testing jul 2022 Online Sabong has been the hottest sports betting game in the Philippines. As the Sabong Industry finally making the transition to online, the legendary bloodsport has evolved once again, it reached more sabong enthusiasts that had trouble going to cockpit arenas before Online Sabong happened, and sabong enthusiasts are loving the new look of their favorite sports betting game.
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Seth Fedelin, Francine Diaz ‘pressured’ over newly-minted loveteam (Latest Sabong News)

Seth Fedelin, Francine Diaz ‘pressured’ over newly-minted loveteam
Author Charmie Joy Pagulong
Date JANUARY 22 2023
ABS-CBN’s upcoming revenge-drama series Dirty Linen will test the onscreen partnership of Seth Fedelin and Francine Diaz, also known to fans as FranSeth, as they team up for the first time in a teleserye. Seth and Francine felt the pressure as the series, which is topbilled by Zanjoe Marudo and Janine Gutierrez, marks their debut as a newly-minted Kapamilya love team. To recall, Seth was previously paired with ex-girlfriend Andrea Brillantes and Francine with Kyle Echarri. The four of them, who rose to popularity via the defunct series Kadenang Ginto, were then collectively called The Gold Squad. “We are pressured since day one,” acknowledged Francine in an in-person chat with the press at ABS-CBN’s Dolphy Theater last Tuesday. “Actuallypo, nungstory conferencepa lang, i-ne-expectna namin na maraminghate comments or bashing butbuti na lang po wala. Thank God.” “Butyes we feel pressured,” she reiterated. “Dinadaan lang namin sa tawa.Kasi ako po,feelko kasi na parang naka-focussa amin na maraming mataandparangif evermagkamali kami sa isang eksenaorkung saan man kami nila makita, parang andami nilang sasabihin.” Whatever the reception is, Francine said they are focusing more on their goal and that is to give justice to the story and the characters that they are portraying in the series. Given their history with their former loveteams, the two acknowledged that they are being compared to their previous onscreen partners but in a good way. “Honestlypo, sobrang sinabi nga ponaminggrabengplot twistsa aming dalawa na pinag-partner kami onscreen and knowingnaman po na yungissue before. But now, of course, we’ve been able to move on from that,” offered Francine. “But we didn’t discuss it much. We just tell ourselves to value the opportunity given to us because not everybody gets to have this chance. While we are here, let’s cherish it and just do what is asked of us,” she continued. “Sometimes (we feel that we are being compared),” said Francine and explained, “But it’s not a complaint. It’s more on (taking stock of) what we did wrong before, sothis is what we should do now.Because, of course, beforebata pa pag-iisip namin (we were still childish) sowe’re correcting it now.” Seth agreed that there’s been comparison but he wouldn’t consider it a bad thing. “It’s like the right timing for us. Because we weren’t that serious before. We talked but not often.Siguro dahil may pinanggalingan na kaming(loveteam). We got to learn more now. We know what and what not to do now,” he further said. When queried if they are also worried whether their tandem will work or not, Seth answered, “Medyo lang. We are friends, eh.Ano naman tinanong ko siya kung OK lang ba sa’yo, oo naman sagot niya.” They are rather “pressured” on how their onscreen chemistry will turn out as they feel that all eyes are on them, as well as Dreamscape Entertainment for taking a risk on the FranSeth tandem for this project. “Madadala kaya namin ng maayos ‘to?” Seth asked. “Butmalaki naman ang tiwala namin sa isa’t isa na kaya namin.” One of the directors,direkOnat Diaz, said in an earlier interview that the pairing up of the two is a “pleasant discovery” for them. “We don’t know how it will work out. But this is the first timena ginawa namin na magkasama sila. Actually,ito yung eksaktong-eksakto. “Plus, I think for the kids, they really like each other in terms of, I don’t know if romantically, I don’t know about that, but they have…a lot of respect for each other. And that works to the benefit of the show,” he added. In the show, Seth plays Nico, who belongs to the group of people seeking justice for their family members, who suffered greatly in the hands of the Fieros – led bythe matriarch Cielo (Tessie Tomas), Feliz (Angel Aquino) and her husband Ador (Epy Quizon), the “sabong king” Carlos (John Arcilla) and his wife Leona (Janice de Belen), and their children Aidan (Zanjoe) and Chiara (Francine). As actors, Seth and Francine are “cautious” about portraying complex characters since they are deemed “role models” of individuals their age.Francine’s Chiara and Seth’s Nico both have good and bad sides to show in the series. Francine said that as actors, it is a challenge for them to navigate their roles and deliver the right messages to the audience, not the wrong ones. “It really depends like how you will grasp or understand or look for the good side of the character,” she pointed out. Citing her role as Chiara inDirty Linen,which she described as “not totally liberated but she attends parties and disobeys her parents all the time because she wants attention from them,” Francine noted the takeaway from this and that is to not do her character’s “misbehavior” in real life. “Also, that lesson is not only for the young people but for the parents as well. Parents would get the ideana,‘Why is my child doing this?Baka naman ako na yung may mali. Maybe I don’t give them much attention.’So I would saypo talaga na dapat nasa sa’yo yun kung paano mo intindihin yungscene and the characters that you see on screen.” Relating to her character in real life, Francine revealed that at some point in her life, she felt alone. “I felt that I needed a person who would listen and understand mepero parang wala. I did try explaining what I feel to my friends but they didn’t get it. Soparang pakiramdam ko talaga ay mag-isa lang ako,” she recalled. But as time passed by, that feeling also faded away. But she used that particular experience to essay the role of Chiara. Seth, for his part, said, “I’m scared as an actorkasi baka hindi ko siya magampanan. For example, I will be given a rolena masama, na hindi dapat gayahin ng mga kaedad ko. ‘Pag nag-matureako, halimbawa, gumagamit ng bawal na gamot, mga ganun. So may meaningpa rin yun. “Pinapakita pa rin sa mga nanonood na ‘wag mong gawin kung anong ginawa niSeth,‘wag mong gawin kung anong ginawa nungcharacter,” he added. “So it’s a challenge for every actor portraying diverse roles.” Meanwhile, during the advanced screening ofDirty Linenheld earlier at TriNoma Cinema, the two were asked if a courtship happened during filming. Seth answered, “None yet.” When furthered if he was having plans to do so, he kept mum and changed the subject matter during the brief interview. Dirty Linenis also helmed bydirekAndoy Ranay and will premiere on Jan. 23at 9:30 p.m. on Kapamilya Channel, A2Z, TV5, Kapamilya Online Live, iWantTFC, and TFC.

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